DAVCO continues to have the industry's leading solution for keeping diesel fuel from gelling in cold weather conditions and your diesel fuel free from water and contaminants. snowy highway

DAVCO offers 12 and 24VDC pre-heaters, 120VAC overnight heaters on Diesel Pro and Fuel Pro models. Coolant heat is an additional option available on Fuel Pro 382 and Fuel Pro 483.

If you have been struggling with fuel waxing during vehicle operation, DAVCO recommends that you order heaters for cold start improvement. On Fuel Pro models, 120VAC overnight heaters and 12VDC pre-heaters can be combined.

The Shop Pro is a multipurpose shop floor tool, custom designed to remove water and contaminants from a diesel fuel tank, transfer diesel fuel and prime heavy duty diesel engines including the Detroit Diesel DD13/DD15/DD16 and Paccar MX engine lines. What makes the Shop Pro unique is that it can be used to prime heavy duty diesel engines using on-board fuel; no need to use additional fuel to prime.

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Shop Pro Videos

  Instructional video about the Shop Pro FXP. Priming, Sweeping and Fuel Transfer

 Priming the MX engine with the Shop Pro FXP

 Priming the MX engine with the Shop Pro ST

 Using the Shop Pro ST on a DTNA engine: Priming, Sweeping and Fuel Transfer

Meets/Exceeds engine manufacturer’s stringent water separation requirements
New Products for 2017 and 2018
Diesel Pro 245

Designed for engine models:

  • Detroit DD5 and DD8
  • Cummins ISB and ISL
Filter for Diesel Pro 245

DDC P/N: A0000904851 and Fleetguard P/N: FS20081

Fuel Pro 485

Designed for new Cascadia Trucks, Detroit DD13, DD15, DD16 Engines

Filter for Fuel Pro 485

DDC P/N: A0000905051 and Fleetguard P/N: FS20083

Fuel Pro 487

Designed for: New engine models -- Detroit DD13, DD15, DD16 and all Freightliner/Western Star Chassis except Cascadia Next Generation

Fuel Pro 487 Filter

DDC P/N: A0000905051 and Fleetguard P/N: FS20083

Fuel Pro 488
  • Universal Applications
  • On/Off Highway heavy duty diesel engines except DD13-15-16 engines
    Supports flow rates up to 180 GPH
Fuel Pro 488 Filter

Fleetguard P/N: FS20083


Steel, heavy duty collar wrenches can be used for hard to reach and tight installations. They are 3/8" thick and have hole for a 3/8" socket wrench drive. They can be purchased though the DAVCO webstore or through OEM Dealers.

Diesel Pro Heavy Duty Collar Wrench: Part Number 243030DAV

Fuel Pro 382 Heavy Duty Collar Wrench: Part Number 382152DAV

Fuel Pro 482, 483, 485, 487 Collar Wrench: Part Number 488001DAV


Download a flyer in pdf format.

Service Parts can be purchased securely through the DAVCO online store.

See when NOT to change the filter. The difference is the clear cover on top.

filters in a row

The fuel processor design uses only the amount of StrataPore filter media needed minimizing fuel restriction throughout the life of the filter. Use the clear cover to the fuel level. When the fuel reaches to top of the filter, it is time to change the filter. Reduce waste by using the full capacity of filter. Extended filter change intervals are based on useful filter life instead of mileage or calendar date.

For use with “SEEING IS BELIEVING®” Technology in DAVCO Fuel Processors.


High efficiency and high capacity filtration, with three layers of incremental micron sized StrataPore® filter media. The Elemax filter has increased contamination capacity. The patented and calibrated vapor pressure relief valve ensures full use of the filter life potential.

Filter Selection

Determine the correct filter for your application. Click here for filters listed by P/N and micron rating.