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Diesel Fuel Processors

The Fuel Pro and Diesel Pro product lines are diesel fuel filter/water separator systems, which are used on On-highway diesel engine applications.

By looking through the clear cover operators and maintenance personnel can determine if a replacement element is needed, easily check for fuel contaminants and see the condition of the filter, thus saving time and money. These products all feature superb water separation. Various heating options are available to enhance operation during cold weather.

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Diesel Pro 243 243

The Diesel Pro 243 is designed for light and medium duty engines with flow rates up to 60 GPH. Available with a wide variety of options; new features include:

  • Fuel Ports on both sides for ease of fuel routing
  • Internal Check Valve
  • Biodiesel compatible to B20

Fuel Pro 382382 Fuel Pro

The Fuel Pro 382 is the industry standard on diesel engines with flow rates up to 180 GPH. Available with a variety of options to meet specific application needs.

Fuel Pro 482image

The Fuel Pro 482 is designed for DD13, DD15 and DD16 Engines. Fuel Pro 482 Key Features include and integrated bracket, low restriction check valve, bypass valve for low pressure pump protection.

Fuel Pro 483image

The Fuel Pro 483 can be used with heavy duty diesel engines and support flow rates up to 180 GPH. It can be connected to the coolant system to provide heat to fuel during operation.

Alternative Diesel Fuelimage

The DAVCO Fuel Pro provide state-of-the-art fuel filtration for biodiesel eninges with:

  • Larger openings and internal passages
  • Fuel-specific o-ring material
  • Coolant heat

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DAVCO Technology, LLC P.O. Box 487 Saline, MI 48176-0487 (800) 328-2611 (734) 429-5665