Product Documents for Download

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Description/Product Form number
Multiple Products
Two page color flier with product in, formation for Shop Pro, Diesel Pro and
Fuel Pro models
Diesel Pro 210 Filter Selection Guide F1316
Diesel Pro 232 and 234 Filter Selection Guide F1317
Fuel Pro 243, 382, 384 482, and 483 Filter Selection Guide F3105
Shop Pro
Shop Pro Sales Brochure All Models F5078
Shop Pro Technical Manual FXP (without pressure regulator) F1304
Shop Pro Technical Manual FXP (with pressure regulator) F1348
Shop Pro Technical Manual FXP 95 (without pressure regulator) F1322
Shop Pro Technical Manual FXP 95 (with 50/95 pressure regulator) F1306
Shop Pro FXP 95 (with 50/95 pressure regulator) Color Sales flier F5108
Shop Pro Technical Manual FXP for MX Engines (with 40/80 pressure regulator) F1352
Shop Pro FXP for MX Engines (with 40/80 pressure regulator) Product Information Color Brochure F5191
Shop Pro Technical Manual ST (without pressure regulator) F1332
Shop Pro Technical Manual ST (with pressure regulator) F1321
Shop Pro Color Brochure and Operating Instructions F5007
Tips and Reminders for Cold Weather Operation F3506
Air Bubbles vs. Vapor Bubbles F1318
Heater Testing F3134
Cold Weather Operations F3506
Diagnostics with the Clear Cover F3097
Testing for Leaks in Fuel Processors with Clear Covers F3089
Parts Documents
Hot Joint Installation F1138
Installation Instructions for 12/24 Volt Thermo Switch F1263
Diesel Pro 232/233 Grounding Location to upgrade WIF from single pin to dual pin F3036
Diverter Cap Ordering Numbers F1315
EyeMax Technical Manual: Installation, Service, Troubleshooting, Parts F1277
EyeMax Color Brochure F5174
Diesel Pro
Diesel Pro 230 Service Parts F5207
Diesel Pro 232 Service Parts F3012
Diesel Pro 233 Service Parts F3233
Diesel Pro 210 Conversion to Diesel Pro 243 F3199
Diesel Pro 243 Technical Manual F1215
Diesel Pro 243 Model Identification Numbers F1858
Diesel Pro 243 Service Parts F3044
Diesel Pro 243 Product Specifications F3219
Diesel Pro 243 Product Information Color Brochure F5484
Diesel Pro 243 for Refrigeration Applications F5483
Diesel Pro 245 Product Information Color Brochure F5082
Diesel Pro 245 with OEM Codes for DTNA Product Information Color Brochure F5085
Diesel Pro 245 for DTNA Technical Manual F1353
Diesel Pro 245 Technical Manual F1351
Fuel Pro 380-Fuel Pro 382
Fuel Pro 380 Part Numbers F5208
Fuel Pro 382 Technical Manual F1271
Fuel Pro 382 Service Parts F3086
Fittings for Coolant Upgrade F3040
Fuel Pro Coolant Heat Upgrade Kit F1823
Instructions on Converting from Fuel Heat to Coolant Heat F3029
Fuel Pro 382 Model Identification Numbers (Key to identify model number of 382) F1833
Fuel Pro 382 Product Specifications F3218
Fuel Pro 382 Parts with OEM part numbers F3035
Fuel Pro 382/483 Installing a 120VAC electric pre-heater F3099
Fuel Pro 382 Product Information Color Brochure F5118
Fuel Pro 482
Fuel Pro 482 Product Information Color Brochure F5482
Fuel Pro 482 Technical Manual F1212
Fuel Pro 482 Model Identification Numbers F1856
Fuel Pro 483
Fuel Pro 483 Product Information Color Brochure F5486
Fuel Pro 483 Technical Manual F1305
Fuel Pro 483 Service Parts F3252
Fuel Pro 483 Model Identification Numbers F1857
Fuel Pro 483 Coolant Heat Upgrade Kit F3057
Fuel Pro 483 Coolant Heat Connection Instructions F3041
Fuel Pro 485
Fuel Pro 485 Product Information Color Brochure for DTNA with OEM Codes F5081
Fuel Pro 485 Technical Manual F1485
Fuel Pro 487
Fuel Pro 487 Product Information Color Brochure for DTNA with OEM Codes F5088
Fuel Pro 487 Technical Manual F1487
Caterpillar F5025CAT
Daimler Trucks North America F5025DTNA
Mack F5025MACK
Navistar F5025NAVIS
Thomas Built BusesF5025THOM
Volvo F5025VOLV
Biodiesel Products Documents
Fuel Pro 384 Product Information Color Brochure F5172
Installation Instructions for Fuel Pro 384 Biodiesel F1329
Service Parts for the Fuel Pro 384 F3060 F3060
Industrial Pro Documents
Industrial Pro Product Information Color Brochure F5156
Fluid Level Manangement
Oil Level Regulator Color Brochure F5146
Continuous Oil Change Module Color Brochure F5160
Slow Flow Oil Consumption Meter Color Brochure F5145
Fluid Level Switch F5147