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Diesel Pro 245

Product Features

Diesel Pro 245

The Diesel Pro 245 combines the features of fuel filtration, fuel/water separation and fuel filter preheating into a single, compact unit intended for Detroit DD5 and DD8 engines and the Cummins ISB and ISL engines.


Designed for medium duty and school bus applications

Models and Options

  • Base Model - Unheated
  • Electric Pre-heater Options: 12 VDC 24 VDC or 120 VAC Overnight heater Water-In-Fuel (WIF) sensor (NOTE: You can’t have both 12 VDC 24VDC and 120 VAC in this housing, only one heating option.)
  • Water-In-Fuel (WIF) sensor
  • Primer Pump

The combination of the clear cover on top and the three layer filter cartridge ensures better water separation, longer filter life and provides instant visual diagnostics of fuel quality to protect engine system components.

Extended Filter Life

Change the filter only when the fuel reaches the black band on the filter wrap. As the fuel rises inside the filter cover, the vapor pressure relief valve on the cap equalizes pressure and allows more of the filter media to be used.

The color of the fuel and the filter media is not an indication of when to change the filter as there is still unused media under the filter wrap.
Fuel Heating

Electric pre-heaters warm the fuel once the ignition key is turned.

Diesel Pro 245 Specifications

Diesel Pro Specifications

Height Overall 13.00 in (330.2 mm)
Depth Overall 5.80 in (147.3 mm)
Width, max. 6.30 in (160.0 mm)
Mount Bracket Centers 5.25 in (133.4 mm)
Weight, dry 6-7 lb
Fuel In Connection 1/2"-14 NPTF or 3/8"-14 NPTF
Fuel Out Connection 1/2"-14 NPTF or 3/8"-14 NPTF
Filter Service Clearance Min 3.50 in (88.9)
Max Fuel Flow 60 gph
Electric Pre-heater 12VDC or 24VDC

Service Parts

Heater and WIF Identification
Service Parts with DAVCO Part Numbers

Download a pdf sheet with Diesel Pro 245 Service Parts

Diesel Pro 245 Check Valve 3/8", P/N 245014DAV

Diesel Pro 245 Check Valve 1/2", P/N 245016DAV

Diesel Pro 245 Check Valve Service Kit, P/N 245013DAV

Diesel Pro 245 Collar, P/N 240002SDAV

243 collar

Diesel Pro 245 Cover Service Kit, P/N 243013SDAV, includes cover, collar, torque limiting vent cap and spring.

Diesel Pro 245 Drain Valve and dust cover, P/N 485022DAV

Cover Service Kit

Diesel Pro 245 O-ring Service Kit, P/N 232000, includes vent cap o-ring and collar o-ring


Diesel Pro 245 Spring, P/N 380056


Diesel Pro Vent Cap Service Kit, P/N 240023DAV, includes vent cap and vent cap o-ring
vent cap

Filters and Wrenches

DDC P/N: A0000904851

Fleetguard P/N: FS20081

Diesel Pro Wrenches
metal 5 in composite 5 in wrench
Metal wrench Composite wrench Heavy Duty wrench
3/8" thick. Use with a 3/8" socket wrench drive.
P/N 232007DAV P/N 382002 P/N 243030DAV

Tightening the collar with the wrench: Simultaneously apply downward pressure to the top of the clear cover until it is seated on the body of the Fuel Pro and hand tighten the collar until it no longer spins freely. Torque the cover assembly by rotating the collar clockwise three additional ribs using the collar wrench.

Model Number Identifier

Diesel Pro 245 Model Number Identifer
245 Diesel Pro 245
9 Current Series
50 Unheated 
51 Unheated with WIF 
53 12VDC 195W pre-heater and WIF 
54 24VDC 195W pre-heater 
55 24VDC 195W pre-heater and WIF 
58 12VDC 155W pre-heater
59 12VDC 155W pre-heater and WIF
61 120VAC 75W overnight heater and WIF 
Fuel In/Fuel Out
RR Right in/Right out
RL Right in/Left out
LR Left in/Right out
LL Left in/Left out
OEM Suffix Identifier
NAV Navistar
PAC Paccar 
VOL Volvo 
Special Features
K Kit
H Priming Pump
R Voss
Custom Features
0, 1, 2 Has one or more  custom features

Draining Procedure

Note: In 2018, the drain design was changed to use a wrench to loosen the drain. Tighten by turning it until contact, and then tighten with another 1/4 turn.

First Generation Drain Valve Second Generation Drain Valve
245 245
Diesel Pro 245 Drain Diesel Pro 245 Drain
Use hand or screwdriver to loosen. Rotate the drain valve 1 1/2 times to drain. Hand tighten. Use a wrench to loosen. Rotate the drain 1 1/2 times to drain. Tighten by turning it until contact, and then tighten with another 1/4 turn.


This video shows the same drain type used on the Diesel Pro 245.