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Supplier Quality Expectations

DAVCO Technology is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products at the best value. Total customer satisfaction is our top goal.

As a supplier to DAVCO Technology, your company is a critical link in the on-time, quality and value chain. These requirements have been developed to allow our suppliers to understand DAVCO’s expectations for quality and delivery. Further, it becomes part of the acceptance of any purchase order that may be issued.

DAVCO Technology has adopted the quality management system standard TS16949 as the basis for our quality system. We strongly urge our suppliers to adopt these standards as well. As a minimum, we require third party registration to ISO:9001 of all of our suppliers.

The scope of these requirements extends to suppliers of materials, components or services deemed “mission critical” by DAVCO Technology and those having a direct affect on our customers’ satisfaction.

We encourage you to download our DAVCO Supplier Requirements Manual and review our requirements thoroughly. This manual includes examples of many of the documents required for PPAP (Initial Sample) submissions.

Conformance to Specifications

DAVCO requires all supplied products and services to conform completely to all relevant specifications.

Typically, "relevant specifications " will mean the engineering drawings and specifications provided by DAVCO. However, in some cases, industry standards may dictate additional requirements or industry standard practices (spectrography, equipment calibration, etc.).

Any deviation from specifications requires written authorization from DAVCO prior to shipment from your facility.

On-Time Delivery

100% on-time delivery is required. "On-time" is defined by DAVCO as no more than one week early or more than one week later than the date specified on the schedule provided by DAVCO.

Scheduled services must be completed by the date agreed.

In the event of a potential late delivery, please contact your DAVCO representative as soon as you are aware that a late delivery may be possible. This will allow DAVCO to adjust production schedules (where possible) in order to maintain the satisfaction of our customers.

Quality System Requirements

DAVCO requires our suppliers to obtain third party registration to the current version of ISO14001 and strongly encourages all of our suppliers to develop a quality system that meets the requirements of the current version of ISO14001/TS16949.

This manual as well as the ISO14001/TS16949 specification reference a number of documents as complements. These include an SPC manual, the Advanced Project Quality Planning (APQP) and Control Plan manual, the Measurement Systems Analysis manual and the Production Part Approval Process manual.

These documents are available through the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG). Their web site address is

We urge our suppliers to obtain each of these for use in developing a robust quality system and in complying with our requirements.

Suppliers, or potential suppliers, whose Quality Management System is not currently third party registered, must:

  1. Prepare a plan (including a timeline) for becoming registered within two years
  2. Agree to allow DAVCO to perform on-site quality system audits at least annually.

Special Characteristics

Statistical Process Control

DAVCO indicates some characteristics on engineering drawings with a diamond shaped symbol (◊) indicating that the specified feature is critical to the form, fit or function of our product. These characteristics require special treatment as you develop your process controls. As a minimum, characteristics so marked must be treated as follows:

  1. Statistical data consisting of no less than 30 samples from a production run of no less than 300 pieces must be included with your PPAP submission.

    a. The control chart must show that the feature is in statistical control

    b. A minimum PPK of 1.33 must be achieved

  2. On-going SPC is strongly recommended. If SPC is not used, a suitable alternative should be indicated in the control plan. Typically, alternative methods would include increased sampling frequency using a statistically derived sample size.

NOTE: There may be limited cases where the above is not feasible. Please contact DAVCO’s Quality Department if you believe this may be the case.

If a critical characteristic cannot achieve statistical control and/or a PPK of 1.33 you must include 100% inspection of this characteristic in your process controls. Acceptability may be determined by DAVCO.

Measurement System Analysis

Any gauge used to determine conformance to DAVCO’s specifications must:

  1. Be calibrated (with the calibration standard traceable to NIST or another appropriate standards body)
  2. Have the measurement uncertainty determined at a sensible frequency.

DAVCO Owned Tooling and Material

DAVCO requires that tooling paid for or provided by us be clearly identified as to ownership.

Material (components, parts, etc.) provided by DAVCO for inclusion in an assembly must be maintained in such a manner as to prevent deterioration and damage.

In all cases, tooling or material that becomes unusable must be reported to DAVCO as soon as possible.

Please refer to ISO-9001 section 7.5.4 and ISO/TS16949 section for further information.

Initial Sample Approval

For new parts and changes to existing parts, DAVCO requires the submission of initial samples through the Production Product Approval Process (PPAP).

DAVCO requests a Level 4 submission with the following documents required:

  1. Complete dimensional and functional lay-out
  2. Numbered/ballooned drawing. (NOTE: The drawing and dimensional/functional lay-out MUST be performed using DAVCO Technology’s engineering drawings.)
  3. Material Certification(s)
  4. Process Control Plan (AIAG format)
  5. Part Submission Warrant

Refer to the appendix of our Supplier Quality Requirements Manual for guidance in successfully submitting a PPAP package to DAVCO Technology.

Suppliers may use their own internal forms for the above or you may download forms from this website..

DAVCO’s Quality Department will advise you if additional documentation is required.

NOTE: The DAVCO Quality Department will not accept any submission for which the product does not fully comply with all specifications. If measurements/characteristics/features are found that do not meet DAVCO’s requirements you must:

  1. Correct the items and submit, or
  2. Contact the DAVCO Engineering Department to request changes to our engineering drawings or specifications.

Corrective Action

Sometimes mistakes happen. However, if it is suspected that nonconforming product has been shipped to DAVCO, we require swift and effective action by our suppliers. There are a number of different problem resolution and reporting methodologies including “8D” and “Five-Why”. These are both good tools; however DAVCO does not mandate any specific format.

If a problem arises DAVCO does require the following actions:

  1. Containment. Isolate ALL suspect material. This includes material in your facility, in transit, in our facility and beyond, if necessary. Contact DAVCO immediately if you have any suspicion that nonconforming product may have been shipped to our facility.
  2. Root Cause Analysis. Address the true cause of the issue and eliminate it. Do not merely address the symptoms.
  3. Corrective Action Implementation and Validation. Implement the corrections identified during your problem analysis activity. Then, validate that they are effective.
  4. Communication with DAVCO. DAVCO requires initial contact within 24 hours of an incident defining containment activities as a minimum. Ideally, the entire case can be closed within two weeks. Complicated issues requiring additional time should be reviewed with the DAVCO Quality Department.
  5. Clearly mark subsequent corrected shipments. Once a problem has been corrected or parts have been sorted each container, for the next three shipments, must be clearly marked as “Conforming”, “100% Sorted for _________”, or “Certified”. We prefer a bright green label.


Note: Forms found in this section may be used by DAVCO’s suppliers, though we will accept your internal documents as long as they achieve the desired intent.

The forms listed are individual pdf forms, which may be filled in on the computer and printed. (If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it free from the Adobe Website.)